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Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump Tangles on Twitter on Tax Reform Laws.


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Even at Christmas, Bernie Sanders did not take a break from Donald Trump on a huge new tax bill.

The president and his allies described the overall reform process as an economic renewal, saying steep cuts in corporate tax rates would boost the economy.

But Mr Sanders and other Democrats argue he is starving the government to fund the necessary programs, a point made by Senator Vermont in a tweet with a list of various initiatives that could be paid by $ 1.5 million. Among the programs that Mr. Sanders has reformed, Mr. Trump’s goal has embraced but has not yet acted – Sanders’ cherished goal of providing a tuition-free college and a children’s health insurance program that has been funded for months. Instead, Mr. Sanders wrote, Republicans chose to “give tax breaks to the wealthy and businesses.”

The former presidential candidate also told a story that Mr. Trump told wealthy guests in his Florida resort that “all of you got a lot of riches,” and said: “At least Trump tells the truth about his tax bill” on Twitter. For his part, the President spent the weekend trumpet holiday the first major legislative achievement of his mandate. He noted that the draft tax law also achieved two other long-term Republican goals: the abolition of each person’s right to health insurance and the opening of a protected area in Alaska until oil exploration. The day after Christmas, Trump predicted that changing health care would force Democrats to negotiate a “big new health plan” with the Republicans

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