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Fully Funded Canadian Prime Minister Scholarship For 25000 International Students 2018

Study in: Canada

Undergraduate, Master’s and doctorate degree

Deadline: May 2018

Course starts: September 2018

Canadian universities are pleased to announce their Prime Minister’s fully funded scholarship programme available to foreign students interested in pursuing their Undergraduate, Masters degree or Doctorate degree programme in any university of their choice in the country.

About Scholarship

Canadian prime minister scholarship for foreign students is an annual programme for foreign students available in all Canadian universities. Applications are considered based on academics, reference letters, statement of interest and community involvement. This programme offers full tuition renewable scholarships for new students with classes starting in March every year. Students will maintain their scholarship with a GPA of 70% every year to sustain their scholarship.

Optionally, a recipient/student under this program will be assisted to secure a part-time job which enable the student work while schooling and earn extra income. This is only done on request.

Criteria for selection

  • This scholarship is need-blind, meaning your financial need will not impede your chances of admission.
  • Aid is based entirely on merit.

Courses covered in scholarship

  1. Undergraduate Courses

  2. Graduate Courses

  3. Doctoral Courses


  • Applicants must hold an unconditional offer to study in a Canadian university
  • Applicants must be able to speak or hear English Language

How to apply

Interested candidates should forward credentials to email and wait for responds or apply online through the links provided on the website for quick responds.

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  8. Mohammad Mehdi Joya

    I am really interested to study in Canada. How can i apply for fully-funded-canadian-prime-minister-scholarship . please inform me

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