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How to Extend study Permit in Canada

Extend study Permit

Extend study Permit : Studying in Canada can be a great experience for all international or local students. In Canada, you benefit from so many advantages which allow you to benefit from your stay during your studies in the countryside. But then, to study legally in Canada, you must have a valid study permit.
The study permit generally has the same expiration date aligned with the duration of your course program. This means that if you apply for a program to be presented in five years, you will most likely obtain a study permit which would end at the end of your studies or program.
There are cases where a student wishes to extend their study permit, particularly when the student’s program requires more time to complete. If the student is transferred to a longer program in Canada, then the student will need to request an extension.
In these cases, a student may request an extension of the study permit to Canada before the expiration or end of the study permit. To apply for a study, the extension of the foreign student’s permit must submit an application to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) before the expiry of their current application.
Once the application to extend study permit is submitted before the expiration of the current study permit, the student is free to live in Canada and continue their studies. If the current study permit expires while you are still awaiting a decision on your request for an extension, you will still be allowed to stay in Canada by implied status until your request is accepted or refused.
In other cases where an international student has completed their program and wishes to extend the study permit, the student should go home and reapply for status extension.
The processing time to extend study permit is between 60 and 90 days from the date of filing of the request. You can check the processing times here.
International students who have not requested an extension before the expiration of the study permit will still be able to request reinstatement of their status within 90 days of the expiration date.

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If your study permit has already expired

If you applied to extend your study permit before it expired, but have not received a decision on your application, you are allowed to stay in Canada under what is known as implied status. This means that you are a temporary resident until we decide your request. You can continue studying until you get a decision on your application.
If you did not ask to extend your study permit, you have lost your status in Canada. You cannot continue or restart your studies until we have restored your status and extended your study permit. You have 90 days to request the reinstatement of your status and the extension of your license. There is a CAN $ 200 fee to restore your status, as well as a CAN $ 150 fee for the new study permit. Find out what to do if your study permit has expired and you have not asked to extend it.

If you plan to travel outside of Canada

Make sure you have the travel document you need to be able to return to Canada. You must have a valid travel document to be able to return to the country.
Learn more about traveling outside of Canada when you applied for an extension to your study permit.

If you have applied for another permit

If you were a student, but applied for a work permit instead, you cannot continue studying while you await a decision on your application. You also cannot work until we have approved your request. You can stay in Canada as a temporary resident until you get a decision on your application.

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