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How to Prepare for Job Interview

How to Prepare for Job Interview

How to Prepare for Job Interview : Are you preparing yourself for an interview for a job you really want? You can make an amazing impression on your prospective employer if you follow a number of steps both before and after the time of your interview.
You have a much better chance of succeeding in your job bid if you do the right interview prep in advance. We’ll show you how to research the company and the role, do question and answer practice, dress appropriately, the best way to follow up and more.

How to Prepare Yourself for an Interview

Carefully research the job

The first step on how to Prepare for Job Interview is to set aside some time to thoroughly analyze the potential job. In looking over the job description, think about what the employer might be looking for in an employee.
Draw up a list of your qualities, knowledge, skills and experience that will be relevant to the company and will contribute to success in the proposed position.

Link up your attributes

When you have completed your list of qualities, try to match them to the requirements of the job.
Make a list of your top 10 or so attributes which are relevant to the job requirements. As well as general qualities, skills and experience, think about any relevant qualifications or other skills you might have, including computer or language skills. These extra points will strengthen your application when you apply.
You should also consider some examples of certain experiences from past job roles that demonstrate some of your qualities. In an interview, one of the most commonly asked questions is about describing past situations where you had to use a particular skill. For this reason, it’s a great strategy to have this all prepared.

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Find out as much as you can about the company

Before your interview, not only should you know all about the job position but you should also be very well-informed about the company itself. This is a vital part of preparation because questions about the company are very common in many job interviews. You can also ask the interviewer stimulating questions about the company, which shows how engaged you are with them. In addition, discovering everything you can about the company will give you the best clue as to whether the position is likely to suit you.
The best way to get a good overview of any company is to visit its website, especially the ‘About Us’ section if they have one. You can also check magazines and general industry websites for a view of the company in relation to its competitors, and you can also check certain websites for customer and employee reviews to get a sense of the company from all angles.

Practice the interview with yourself and others

It’s definitely worth investing the time to practice your answers to the most predictable questions in your head, as you are bound to be asked variations of at least some of these. This will be a massive help with nerves as you won’t have to fumbling for answers under pressure when the time comes for the real thing. You can practice with a family member or friend for an even better effect.
Do a Google search for common interview questions and prepare answers to as many as you can manage. The more answers you prepare, the more material you will have at your disposal and the more confident you will feel.

Organize your wardrobe in advance

Don’t forget about your clothes until the final moments so that you’ll be scrambling around to get them ready. You should always have an outfit ready to wear for interviews at any time, so thinking about the clothes doesn’t have to take up brain resources and add to the nerves on the day.
First impressions always mean a lot, so make sure you look smart and business-like. This is the case for every type of job application. Even if you’re applying for a role with more casual attire, such as a job in a restaurant, make sure that you turn up looking clean and tidy to present your best possible image to the company.

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Style your hair appropriately

Just like with your wardrobe choices, first impressions are everything so make sure your hair is on point too. You only have seconds to make that great first impression so it’s worth investing the time to get this part right.

What to bring with you

Firstly, let’s talk about what you shouldn’t bring into the interview. Don’t arrive chewing gum or with a coffee in hand, as you won’t look serious. Also make sure your phone is on silent and hidden away in your pocket or bag. It’s a good idea to bring along a few copies of your resume, as well as a list of references, also with extra copies. It’s also bring along your own written list of questions for them, so you don’t forget to ask anything valuable.

Go over the etiquette

Job interviews require you to conduct yourself in a certain way, and this is worth spending time to get right. Greet everyone you meet politely and cheerfully from the moment you enter the building. This includes the receptionist.
Be aware of the body language you have going into the interview. Make the handshake firm and confident and make sure you use the right amount of eye contact throughout the interview, not too much and not too little. When you do your practice interview with whoever is helping, you can take the time to practice body language.

Know where you’re going

This is another thing which is important to prepare ahead of time. You don’t want to be late to the interview because of a navigation error. Being late is the worst first impression you can make. Prepare your route ahead of time, and use GPS if necessary. Also check the parking situation ahead of time. For the absolute best preparation, even practice on the journey to the interview in advance so navigation doesn’t have to take up any of your thoughts on the day. Plan to arrive fifteen minutes early, even if you’re comfortable with the route.

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Pay attention and ask questions

When you attend a job interview, it’s very important that you listen carefully so you can give your best responses.
You should also be engaging with the interviewer so that you can establish a good relationship with them instead of just responding to questions. Ask some questions of your own to give the interviewer plenty to think about too. Also make sure to let them know that you are very interested in the position and that you think it’s a good fit for you.

Follow up

Hardly anybody does this and it’s a great way to set yourself apart. Follow up with a letter thanking them for the interview and confirming your strong interest in the position.

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