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Jobs In Canada For International Workers

Jobs In Canada For International Workers

Are you an immigrant looking for jobs in Canada for international workers? Working in Canada is the dream of all immigrants to Canada, but the biggest challenge facing most immigrants is finding jobs for international workers.
For employers, finding enough workers to meet the demand for labor is also a challenge and they need to rely on foreign talent to fill the growing gap in labor demand in order to continue to develop a strong national workforce.

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In most cases, to work in Canada as a foreign worker, you will need a work permit. However, there are a number of circumstances in which a foreign worker can work in Canada without a work permit.
Finding the right job in Canada for international workers, regardless of their status, is the biggest challenge immigrants face when they arrive in Canada.
But with the right information, you can easily navigate the waters and find the right job for you. That’s why we’re here to help you find the job of your dreams in Canada as an international worker.
There are many Canadian companies looking for international workers like you. So, if you are looking for a job in Canada as an immigrant, this is an opportunity for you.
In the Employment section of this website, you can find hundreds of jobs in Canada for international workers, choose one of the jobs that best describes your skills or occupation and apply today.
Some of these jobs may require a work permit as an international worker, but some of the jobs in Canada for international workers do not require a work permit.

Jobs In Canada For International Workers
As a general rule, Canadian employers looking to employ foreign workers in Canada must first obtain an authorization known as the Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).
Canadian employers must demonstrate that the employment of a foreign worker will not have a negative impact on the Canadian labor market. In most cases, there is currently no Canadian citizen or permanent resident available to fill the position, which is usually done by posting the position on multiple sites.
Although the LMIA process is the rule, there are a number of work permits exempted from an AIPM, resulting from foreign trade agreements, such as the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), which allow foreign workers to apply for a work permit without the Canadian employer obtaining an LMIA.
In addition to these employer-sponsored work permits, a number of work permit options are available for foreign workers who do not yet have a job offer, including working holidays, work permits postgraduate work permits for spouses.

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  1. Oladipo oluwaseun David

    I need a good job….. I’m national diploma holder….. I’m very honest faithful humble truthful minded person….. If you can consider my apply I’m going to be very grateful….. Sir/ma

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    My name is Agbodeka Anthony kudzo i’am Ghanaian l live at Accra Ghana l am Electrician by profession I want to travel to Canada l have my passport l have my certificate N V T I certificate please if you can help me

  10. My name is Agbodeka Anthony kudzo i’am Ghanaian l live in Accra Ghana and I would like to work in your company I am 42yeas and I have my passport

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    i wanta the job well i am student pleaz help me answer

  12. Like this chance iam looking for long time and I hope true this dream

  13. Hi my name is Abdulkadir my nationality is Somalia now i live in Yemen iam refugee in Yemen about to 20 years ago even now iam married i have one child i want to apply job from Canada like hotels or organisations or company’s patrol and i am ready to work full time if i find that jobs and i hope to understand my filings

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  20. Tokase Ledua Tauvoli

    I like Canada and its working skills..i would like to cum and work there

  21. I am master in business administration having 12 years experience in pharmaceutical selling

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    I am as a personal driver to Mr Mike Wilkenson. Scene 1st August 2018.
    And still right now.
    2 Year as a personal driver to Mr Neil Griffiths, Faculty, American International School/Dhaka from August 2016 to Present.
    1 Year as a personal driver to Mrs Amber, Faculty, American International School/Dhaka from August 2015 to July 2016.
    2 Years as Personal Driver to Mr Jerry Buckner, Director of Admissions & Student Services, American International School/Dhaka from August 2013 to July 2015.
    13 Years as an Assistant Administrator of Vehicle repair, maintenance and documents in Proshika Manobik Unnayan Kendra from 2001 to 2013.
    14 Years as a Driver & Driving Trainer at Proshika Manobik Unnayan Kendra from 1986 to 2000
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  25. Dear Respect..!! Sir i am Land Surveyor and i have 9 year experience in Civil field ,4 year in Dubai and 5 year in Pakistan .. I know english Urdu and Pashto.. Thankfully..
    Regard: Aman Khattak

  26. Hello ! I am a geology engineer I want to work in Canada because my life in Afghanistan is endangered and I cannot work at a decent level. Do it

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    I would like to work and live in Canada speacialy farming places

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  37. Dear sir
    Am Modou Nyassi from the Gambia, West Africa. I need a job to earn a leaving and support my family. I will be ready to work hard to the maximum satisfaction of the employer in relations to the interest of the company and organization at large. Thank you sir.

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  49. Je suis une infirmière j’ai 15 ans d’expérience à l’hôpital militaire de Tunis en service chirurgie général et urologie et je veux immigrer au Canada en plus j’ai fait une formation à l’association de recherche et de documentation sur la médecine alternative et la thérapie par les systèmes modernes qu’à la suite j’ai eu un diplôme en ventouses esthétique et acupuncture en 2019

  50. Voudrais recevoir frequemment les offres de bourses et d’emploi du CANADA

  51. My name is Freda Nyameba Tieku. A midwife in Ghana. Please I’m interested in working in canada. Will be glad to hear from you. Thanks

  52. Nora Haddouchi

    Good evening, I introduce myself to Noura Haddouchi from Morocco
    Married with two children
    I want to come to a pregnant Canada
    I have my family, my husband, and my children
    I have Moroccan nationality and want to know what are the documents to work and live in Canada.

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    Yes I would like to work for you

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