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Scholarship for M.Sc in management at ESADE business school Spain

ESADE business school

Masters degree

Study in: Spain 

Application deadline: Not stated


About ESADE Merit and Talent Scholarships:

ESADE Business School offers and awards a considerable number of scholarships to outstanding Full-Time MBA candidates during their admissions process. The aim is to recognize and encourage talented candidates applying to ESADE Business School. Most of these Scholarships are made possible by the allocation of the Business School funds, as well as the generosity of our donors and alumni contribution.

The scholarships are evaluated under:

  • The Talent criteria evaluates the academic excellence, personal achievements, proven professional acumen and a determination to influence the future of business.
  • The Need based criteria, not only evaluates the merit profile, but also the financial need of the candidate.

Countries who can apply: This scholarship is open to all students



Its eligibility is always based on talent and merit, which involves excellent academic performance as well as the impact
during the admission process. It will also be taken into account the diversity of the candidate profile (nationality, field
of study, international exposure and career).
In order to support the academic excellence, the candidate can include a maximum of two supporting documents (different
from the Admission documentation) that would like the Scholarship Committee to review. They can be
recognitions in academic, professional areas and other awards that will enhance the applicatio


List of scholarships available at the ESADE business school: 

The MSc Scholarship for Excellence

The ESADE Scholarships for Excellence aim to attract young talented professionals. They are open to talented candidates from all nationalities with outstanding academic records. Special consideration will be given to candidates with GMAT scores above the average and outstanding performance during their Admissions Process. Candidates applying to this scholarship are welcome to provide any supporting documents (maximum of two) regarding any academic recognition, prize, award, etc.
This scholarship consists of 4 categories depending on applicants geographical areas:
The American Talent Scholarship: for Candidates from Latin America and North America or Canada
The Asian Talent Scholarship: for Candidates from Asia-Pacific countries
The European Talent Scholarship: for Candidates from any European country, with the exception of Germany
The Middle Eastern Talent Scholarship for: Candidates from Middle Eastern countries

The ESADE Big Data Scholarship

BIG DATA is shifting the fundamental paradigms of the business world, creating an entirely new kind of business. The ESADE’s MSc in Business Analytics aims to train this new professional, bridging the gap between the world of computing and that of business leaders and directors. This Scholarship wants to support ESADE candidates for the MSc in Business Analytics both with technical and/r business backgrounds that are academic excellent, proven analytical skills and immense interest and passion for this field.

The MSc for Global Leaders Scholarship

This scholarship is open to candidates applying to the ESADE Master in International Management and the ESADE Master in Global Strategic Management. The aim of this, scholarship is to attract qualified individuals characterised by their strong leadership skills, a desire to provide the best possible solutions and having a global, collaborative and committed spirit. Candidates will be required to explain what being a good leader means to them and why they feel these Master’s programmes will help them to develop as better global leaders in their professional future

The Financial Services Scholarship

In order to maintain the standards and quality of the ESADE Master in Finance, we strive to attract the best talent in the World. We are looking for academic excellence with special consideration for quantitative grades, diversity in terms of nationalities, and special consideration for GMAT scores above the average and previous academic experience in this field.

 The Women in Management Scholarship

This scholarship aims to encourage young talented women to continue and complete their education in Management. The scholarship is open to academically outstanding women who want to further their careers in business and management.

Application instructions:

To apply for an “ESADE MSc Talent Scholarships, you must:

  • Complete your Online MSc Admissions Application
  • Select the Scholarship you would like to apply and complete your Scholarship Application For
  • Send the ESADE Scholarship Application Form and all required documents in PDF format to the ESADE Financial Aid Office at financialaid@esade.edu
  • The ESADE MSc in Management Science Scholarships are awarded at the discretion of the Scholarship Committee. Due to confidentiality and integrity standards, we regret to inform you that no feedback may be given on any Scholarship Application.


Download application form here

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