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See Simple Ways You Can Pass Your Canada, USA and New Zealand Embassy Visa Interview

If you have difficulties in getting through Canada, USA or even New Zealand at the embassy, then you must review the type of answer you give during interview.
Don’t expect to be asked the exact questions you have in mind, always be yourself and speak the truth.
80% of your answers during Interview determines weather your visa get accepted or rejected.
Some Features You Need To Know The Interview:
  • Dress appropriately, it gives respect.
  • Arrive early, it helps you start and plan well.
  • Don’t get too nervous, it gives you negative remarks.
  • Great and smile, it make you confidently and friendly.
  • Be confident in your answers, it matters alot.
  • Be polite and demonstrate respect in your language.
  • Don’t be reluctant to say I beg your pardon if you don’t understand a question probably because of the Interviewers accent.
Frequently asked questions on how to Pass your USA Embassy Visa Interview:
  • Supposed you won a jackpot in Las Vargas Casino, What will you do?
  • Supposed, by chance you got a high salary job, what will you do?
  • Supposed you are been offered a partnership in business by your friend, what will you do?
  • Tell me, what will be your reply to a lady or gentleman who proposed to you?

If you give answers like, I will buy properties in the U.S. and live there after winning the jackpot, I will accept the job offer or partnership or I will get married and live with the U.S. citizen, your visa application will be rejected, when you apply for a tourist visa, you are supposed to visit and return to your country.

There are rules and consequences attached to every answer you give, for instance if you get a business visa, know that it doesn’t mean you can go to the U.S to start a business.

If you get a 10 year multiple entry visas, know that it doesn’t mean you can stay in the USA for 10 years, 10 years multiple entry visas means you can visit the USA anytime within the next year.

The actual stay for a visit is determined by the number of days stamped on your passport at the port of entry, which is usually between 3 to 6 months, you can extend your stay for up to 6 months if you like.

Usually, the consular at the embassy ask these questions to know the applicants, always think before giving out your answer, giving honest answer is at your own good because if the officer doubts you otherwise, to live in the U.S after your visit, your visa may be rejected.

Its good to show that you are financially stable and will not be a rude person once you step into the country

Its very important to provide documents for some question that requires it, for instance, questions like how about your ties to your home country, what is it? then you should be able to state reasons why you would return to your country, If your answer is ‘’my wife and children are all in Nigeria’’or “I’m the CEO of my business” or maybe you’re holding an important office in the company you are currently working, you must be prepared to show evidence of this to push your answer.

If you’re not good in English, you free to request for a consul who can converse in your preferred dialect
The purpose of your tour should be vacationing, visiting family, friends or relatives or any allowed activities, Always respond with correct answers, all the details you submitted in your application form is stored in their database and they can look it up to verify your answers at any point in time, If your application has been previously rejected, you can’t change details the next time you go for an interview, know all the answers to the questions on your visa application form by heart.
Your dressing and your appearance should tell who you are, if you’re a business executive, you should look like one, if you are a student, dress up like a student, your body language also plays huge role, it should carry friendliness and that you know exactly why you are there and that you’re serious about your goal. Don’t show or portray unnecessary body movements.
The consular officer doesn’t really need to look at your documents, they have vast experience and have seen or processed so many applications many times they can figure out your intentions just by looking at you or by hearing you speak, they experienced in different fields and can ask you technical questions about what you do, you will be surprised to know about things they might know or be experienced in, the consular officer can be an expert in what you do.
Try not to give away unnecessary information voluntarily if it’s not being asked, In some cases, applicants try to be smart and give more than what is asked, this may trigger additional related questions which many not work in your favor, make sure you keep your communication brief and to the point.
In cases where you are applying as a group or even family, be prepared for situations where the consular officer will decide to give one or two out of the group visa, Ideally the group or family would like to travel together, if they decide to give one person, you should take it as it’s better than having the group’s visa rejected, this way it will be easier to apply again next time.
And finally, if you get the visa, go through the information on your visa carefully, make sure there are no typographical errors in the name, passport number, date of birth etc. and make sure everything is clear as these errors might get you returned at the port of entry.
please always bear in mind that u can always try again If you don’t get the visa, it’s not the end of the world, you can always apply again and again and use your previous experience to pass the interview next time.

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