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Skilled Immigrants Wanted in Canada – Apply Now

Skilled Immigrants Wanted in Canada – Apply Now

Skilled Immigrants Wanted in Canada – Apply Now: When it comes to the future of immigration to Canada, it’s no longer a question of “why immigration” but “how much,” says federal Immigration Minister, Ahmed Hussein.
“That’s where the debate is now,” he told his audience at the 2018 Canadian Immigration Summit in Ottawa. “Without immigration, our ability to grow our economy would become an impossibility,” he is quoted as saying.
Multiculturalism is a unifying factor in Canada. He has helped shape Canada’s history and culture by providing easy assimilation to new immigrants.
The reason Canada has become a destination hub for immigrants, tourists and students is not lacking.
Home to some of the world’s leading institutions and research centers, well positioned to provide its growing population with quality education based on research, this feat has attracted many international students to Canada.
Canada is a multi-billion dollar economy that provides ample opportunity for business owners and job seekers.
Canada has a flexible immigration process and an expedited process for highly qualified candidates, a Canadian government initiative to attract the best minds to live and work in Canada and achieve residency status permanent.
There are different ways to immigrate to Canada, but it is one of the fastest ways to enter Canada.
As the Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship has said, Canada needs skilled immigrants who will make a positive contribution to the development and growth of the economy through their diversified expertise.
According to a study by the Environics Institute and the Canadian Race Relations Foundation, the majority of Canadians surveyed said the positive contributions of immigrants.
Canada is one of the few countries that is most generous to immigrants. Although a small percentage of Canadians have a contrary view, stating that most immigrants are not aligned with Canadian values.
In 2015, Canada put in place very effective and selective procedures to select highly qualified candidates to become permanent residents of Canada. This method replaced the old “first come, first served” immigration system with a more robust procedure.
The Canadian Express Entry System is a streamlined immigration process. This process allows prospective immigrants to create a profile in Express Entry.
The profiles of the candidates are ranked against each other, and a points-based system called the Full Ranking System (CRS) is used to assign the accumulated points to the candidates’ profile based on these factors.

  • Age
  • Education
  • Professional experience
  • Admissibility
  • Language skills
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The following immigration programs are available under the Express Entry program.

1.Federal Skilled Worker Class: Under this program, applicants must have full-time work experience of more than one year. Excellent command of the language and French or English.
Has an equivalent assessment test in education and must be financially able to support its expenses.
2. Federal Skilled Trades Course: Applicants in this category must be able to demonstrate to Canadian authorities that they have sufficient work experience, proficiency in English or French, can meet the training requirements, and that they are financially dynamic.
3. Canadian Experience Class: This program offers permanent residency to candidates who have at least one year of practical work experience in Canada. This helps retain talented workers in Canada.
4. Provincial Nominee Programs: Candidates are nominated by provinces that have an impressive profile and wish to install them in their province. Immigrants should stay alive, work and contribute to the development of the province.

Ineligibility in Canada

Some immigrants have their applications dismissed as inadmissible. The Canadian government is seriously addressing this problem.
You may be inadmissible to Canada if you pose a risk to safety or health or if you have been involved in misrepresentation.
Applicants whose inadmissibility is criminal in Canada may use the services of an immigration lawyer to help them advocate for criminal rehabilitation.

Express Entry: How to Apply

Before you create your Express Entry profile, you must verify your eligibility by completing the free online evaluation form. The evaluation focuses on the human capital factor.
Once your eligibility is confirmed, you can create your profile which will be ranked by the SNPC Express Entry. You must strive to bring out your profile and be impressive. The Canadian Express Entry program is extremely competitive. Once you are certain that you qualify, you must create an Express Entry profile.
Candidates who meet the province’s requirements will receive an invitation to apply (ITA), a gesture that shows the province is impressed and wants you to bring your expertise to their province.
Make sure you get impressive results in your language proficiency test. If your degrees are not equivalent to the Canadian standard, get an upgrade.
Be financially active to assume your financial responsibilities, pay all required fees and not disclose any information. False statement is a serious offense.
If you receive a valid job offer and a positive LMIA from a Canadian employer, your chances of success increase, additional points will be added to your CRS points.
You can call in a professional immigration expert if, after twelve months, your application is unsuccessful, it is also advisable to work on your perceived weakness and improve your skills before applying again.
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