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Snapchat Finally Include Creators Analytics To Improve Users Experience

Good news for all Snapchat users: Snapchat which has always been terrible in analysis, just showing the daily counts of Story that the creators of content had to capture just before they disappeared every 24 hours to prove their worth to the sponsors but starting today, things will be different as tens of thousands of creators who publish official stories or who have many followers will begin to see a large count of visits and demographic analysis in their Snapchat profile.
These new analyzes include:

  • Total views of stories in the last week, month and year to date.
  • Time to display stories in minutes in the last week, month and year to date.
  • Unique viewers of daily stories, average time that only viewers spent watching and completion rates
  • Demographic data of the audience such as the gender breakdown, the oldest age group and the main geographic regions
  • Audience interests such as lifestyle categories such as film and television, food, fashion and sports to which their audiences are concerned

The new analysis could help creators show their full reach to secure sponsored content and product placement offerings, refine their publications to match their audience and compare their followers with those of other platforms. A trucking company might not care if a creator has 200,000 views a day, but if they can show that those views come from 25-34 year old men in the Midwest who like the outdoors, the company could pay $ 50,000 for that the creator shows his trucks in his Snaps.

It seems that Snapchat is changing its way of following CEO strategy change Evan Spiegel in the earnings call of Q3 2017 when he said “Historically we have neglected the creator community on Snapchat … In 2018, we are going to create more opportunities for distribution and monetization for these creators “. Snapchat wasted a lot of time, considering that I wrote about “Who will be the first Snapchat Stories celebrity?” In 2013 a week after the launch of the show, and creators like Mplatco (whose art is shown above) have been paid by brands like Disney since 2014.

Now it is truly embracing these independent creators along with the launch of the redesign that takes the creators off the list of friends’ stories and puts them with other professional artists in the Discover section, but also for the first time promotes social media stars I do not follow it. For years, Snap refused to help creators to be discovered, to work with them in launching features, to help them if their account is blocked or to provide monetization opportunities. He just started checking some with a special emoji on his behalf last year, and there are still no options to share revenue as creators find on YouTube and Facebook.
One of the first Snapchat stars to routinely resort to five-figure sponsorship deals, comedian / singer / illustrator Shonduras tells TechCrunch through a text message: “I’ve been dreaming of these analyzes for YEARS! and now that they are here, I can honestly say … yes, they are fine! I have used them in beta for a while and I have been able to learn a lot about my audience, my man / woman proportions in Snapchat are significantly different to all my other platforms! which really helps me create content that is best served to my instant audience! ”

Creators often had to go to unofficial external analysis providers to get help understanding their audiences. But that could be expensive, provide incomplete data or require creators to submit their access data.

Nick Cicero, CEO of the startup of social analysis Delmondo says that the new native analyzes are “a victory for all.” Naturally, a step that should have been made a long time ago to keep more influencers on the platform who have done a lot for Snap, and it’s a great way to create a more diverse set of premium inventory and targeting data for advertisers. ”

By ignoring the creators, Snapchat had pushed them to competitors like Instagram and YouTube. But now they will have more reasons to continue creating on Snapchat, especially if new monetization opportunities arise. For example, Twitter eventually acquired the niche of social media sponsorship agent so that it could support the creators and start earning a cut of their businesses.

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