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Thailand’s Largest Former Policeman Grilled on Loan from Brothel Owner.

Thailand’s Largest Former Policeman Grilled on Loan from Brothel Owner

Thailand’s former national police chief, now head of the Thai Football Association, met with investigators on Thursday to explain his financial relationship with the owner of the refugee massage parlor.

Sumiyot Pompangong was transferred to the special investigation department – the FBI in Thailand – after he admitted that the police chief had borrowed 300 million baht (about $ 9.5 million) from Kampol Wirathepsuporn.

Kampol owns the Victoria’s Secret Massage Lounge, which also served as a prostitute and has indicted at least 12 different charges, many of which involve human trafficking. Allegedly, prostitutes were between 15 and 18 years old.

Police raids in January showed that the massage parlor used teenagers and was allegedly traded in sex trade. Investigators also found that police officers received sexual favors from the staff. The police have attacked many other places in Campol.

Sumyot told reporters that he was interviewed by the investigators as a witness, but declined to comment.

Sobat Thamararug, director of the Ministry of Defense’s anti-trafficking department, said that the large Sumiyot loan was being investigated, but declined to provide any further details.

Sumyut told the media that Campbell was an old friend who shared the love of sacred Buddhist amulets and helped him in a difficult time. He had paid the loan and communicated it to the competent authorities at that time.
The story sparked far-reaching comments in Thailand about the links between the police and the criminal underworld. A newspaper article condemned the former police chief’s behavior as a “murderer.”

Sumiyut mocked his image by saying in a media interview that the Thai police chief was just a span, and his real job was speculation on the stock market. Sumyot made headlines in 2015, announcing a reward of 3 million baht ($ 86,000) for information leading to the arrest of the perpetrators of a bombing raid in Bangkok, and then lending it to its own police after they were arrested ,

He became president of the Thai Football Association in 2016 after leaving his police station. The narrator Worawi Makudi,who banned all national and international football activities of FIFA, the governing body of international football, for five years in 2016, took responsibility for moral injuries including fraud

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