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United Nations Opens Application Portal For Job Openings 2020/2021


The United Nations The UN is an international organization founded in 1945 and committed to the maintenance of international peace and security; develop friendly relations between nations; promote social progress, better standards of living and human rights.

Career support

As soon as you join the dynamic team of United Nations staff, you can be sure of one thing: our support system will ensure that you are not left alone to determine your career. The development of each staff member is very important to us – helping you grow helps us become better at what we do. We are therefore committed to providing all the tools available to meet your needs.

Pay and benefits

The United Nations offers you attractive compensation with competitive salaries and benefits. The level of remuneration of personnel in the professional and higher categories recruited internationally is fixed according to the best paid national public service. Staff members from locally recruited categories are paid according to the best local service conditions. Staff in these categories are normally recruited and paid on a local basis. You will receive a salary according to a local salary scale. Salary scales are periodically reviewed on the basis of in-depth surveys on the best employment conditions in force in the locality.
Opening of the United Nations (UN) portal 2020/2021 recruitment (3 positions). Apply today for the 2020 United Nations (UN) recruitment via the career portal. The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) was created in 1950, after the Second World War, to help millions of Europeans who had fled or lost their homes. we have had the years to finish our work and then dissolve. Today, more than 65 years later, our organization is still working hard to protect and help refugees around the world.
We are recruiting to fill the following positions below :

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How to apply for a job
All vacancies at the UN Secretariat are posted on the application portal. When you apply for a job, you must submit an application through the UN online recruitment system.
For more information on how to apply for a job using the new online recruitment system, go to Application process.

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  1. Fredrick Addae Ansah

    Will b glad if am considered to take up opportunity either in school or job available

  2. Hello,
    I interest all these positions,I want to give a job from you,I live in Mogadishu Somalia,I graduated MBA specially Accoynting anf finance at International University of East Africa,Kampala Uganda.
    I expect the UN to get one of these jobs every place there.
    Thank you very match.

    • Hi,
      I interest all these positions,I want to give a job from you,I live in Cairo E gypti .I graduated faculty of law Ain shams University .
      I expect the UN to get one of these jobs every place there.
      Thank you very match.

  3. My name is jaafar umar, I school in federal polytechnic Bauchi and I study business administration and management in HND. When I hire for the job the job I will do my best to help the organization to achieve their goals and objectives through my efforts and ability for effective and efficiently. I have a plan to implement in your reputation organization and all my skills and professional and I will make sure I used in a effective ways. Any organization need hardworking employees to help the organization to achieve their goals. I will used my skill to provide team work for the employees in a organization.

  4. James Unongo Ugoh

    I am a graduate of Catering and Hotel mgt and Bsc. Economics. Willing to work with this organization.

  5. Good day sir or madam am Emmanuel Tei from Ghana west Africa and interested in your advertising on facebook please help me to get the job

  6. Sangwa muyumba fidèle

    Je suis intéressé ingénieur électricien et ceinture noire troisième dan

  7. I’m interested to join United Nation. I’m a holder of Msc Accounting, with second class upper.

  8. مرحلة الماجيستير و الدكتوراة

  9. Charles kum Ebua

    I have a Borden to work as a human right activist

    • Mohammed A. Sheriff

      I am a graduate of the university of Liberia,studied public administration and management. I’m interested in workings in the UN administrative cycle

  10. In am a good driver so let me know vacancies

  11. Lal Marie nicolas

    Hope will receive an answer because the other applications l make ask me different type of reasons

  12. Satisfactorily

  13. انا من تونس و اود العمل معكم و أنا مستعد و سأكون عند حسن ظنكم .شكرا

  14. my name is lelisa getachew from ethiopia and i was graduated by accounting and fiance so please apply me to the job in un

  15. Je suis intéressé

  16. I’m looking for a job of nurse for my Wife. And any job for me. In Canada or USA.

  17. I am a graduate of public Administratio, I will be glad if offer the job.

  18. Salome taiye dasiyap

    I am a graduate of public Administratio, I will be glad if offer the job.

  19. Bonjour,
    Je suis Centrafricain désireux d’intégrer le système des nations unies pour apporter mes connaissances.
    Dans le domaine de la gestion en flotte automobile.

  20. Vincent chizoba ohaegbu

    Am interested in working under United Nations

  21. Im from syria resident in cairo Im searching about any work please if you can’t help me

  22. looking a jobs
    mechanecil & piping engineer

  23. I am i ntereseted
    mechanecil & piping engineer

  24. Rue hamla 05batna pays. Alger. Mon mail zenidinnerouabeh @Yahoo. Fr

  25. Ezekiel OLISEMEKE

    I need a job as an Electrical Engineering personnel. I have HND(Electrical /Electronic Engineering – powe option (

  26. I am from Somalia I need a free Visa for Scholarship

  27. My name is Maty Kane I am gratuated in Licence of law busness and I have an inscription ln master2 in maritim law not finished and i think to found a post for your Institution

  28. Am Charles Crowther from Sierra Leone, am searching for a job automobile engineering light vehicle

  29. Can I use inspiration to apply?

  30. J’aime beaucoup votre pays depuis a l’enfance ,je voulais être parmi vos soldats



  32. Iam adoctor

  33. iam very interesting this positin

  34. Demande de formulaire de candidature

  35. Je suis algérienne jhabite à constantine à l’est de l’Algérie je suis avocate de précession expérience de 23 ans de pratique parlant l’arabe langue maternelle ainsi que le français je suis intéressée par votre demande je souhaite de tout coeur d’être parmi votre équipe motivéet sérieuse active prête de vous rapporté beaucoup de chose Merci de me donner un chance mes sincères salutations

  36. ليسانس اداب قسم تاريخ جامعه عين شمس لسنه2003

  37. uwambajimana Berthilde

    Hello! first of all thank you very much for this opportinity for give many people a job, i will be happy and grad to work in UN ,is my dream for so long! this is my time to build the peace in the world,i wish to have more information about how UN work so that i will be able to help the people for they are right!

  38. Laghmizi fella

    J’aimerais pouvoir immigrés avec mes enfants au Canada Toronto

  39. Very good opportunity !

  40. I interested in work in restaurants and I have experience in this field

  41. I need to get jop like a seller or any thing .

  42. Hello Sir/Madam,
    I am a graduate of public health/Human Nutrition,hope I can work there.

  43. I need work for your

  44. I have BA in Accounting &finance

  45. Je m’appelle Oumar Sall je suis un jeune senegalais de 35 ans qui est a la recherche du travail pour aider ses parents et frères et sœurs.Je suis en chômage depuis 2017 si vous pouvez m’aider à trouver un job pour subvenir à mes besoins familiales.Merci et j’espère vous lire dans les heures qui suivent.

  46. Thank you for helping …

  47. انا سايق جرافات خبرة 5سنوات زايد شهادة سياقة نوع خفيف.لغة فرنسية

  48. Bouriche. Nadji

    سايق جرافات خبرة خمسة سموات زايد شهادة سياقة نوع وخفيف زايد لعفة فرنسية

  49. Lebcir Mohamed

    I’m from Algeria, I’m married , I have three children, I’m an engineer of computer science.
    Please, sir. assist me to find a job or scholarship visa job through this organization.
    Best regards.

  50. Je suis Architecte et urbaniste et j’ai obtenu mon diplôme d’architecture en 1997

  51. Ashraf Abu baker Afifi

    I hope that one day I may move to USA and work there

  52. mustaphar oluwafemi toluwaloju

    Iam a good automobile electrician by profession, i.will like to work in Canada but now am in Egypt

  53. Hi,
    I interest all these positions,I want to give a job from you,I live in Cairo E gypti .I graduated faculty of law Ain shams University .
    I expect the UN to get one of these jobs every place there.
    Thank you very match.

  54. I’m Sani Gidado with a Master’s degree in Accounting, I worked with Federal Radio cooperation of Nigeria as Accountant 1. With,6yrs working experience. I’m so much interested in United Nation Job.

  55. Ivanido Moises da Costa Barbosa Spínola

    Ivanildo Moises Spínola
    Quero fazer parte. Equipa da ONU
    Cabo verde

  56. Hello, my name is Rolando, I live in Cuba and I am 32 years old. I am unemployed now and I am looking for a job in another country in search of a salary improvement. My home address is calle 6ta # 14 between calle rotaria and calle A, guanabacoa municipality, Havana city, Cuba, postal code: 11200. I have experience working as a port stevedore in the flour milling industry, operator A and input weigher for sausages and hamburgers in Prodal, food industry. In addition I can also work in construction and agriculture.

  57. I’m interested to join United Nation. I graduated faculty of Business and Administration at Kigali Independent University .

  58. I need a professional job

  59. I thank you for your kind attention

  60. Bonjour,
    Ref votre annonce, je vous informe que je suis intéressé. Merci

  61. I need a job to do am welder

  62. moi c’est Gaëtan Bangibangi, je suis intéresse par l’offre

  63. Karamoko Abdoulaye Diallo

    I am very interested about this job opportunities.

  64. Bonjour,
    Le candidat étant un pays offrant des opportunités de bien être social et surtout de promotion des droits humains. Sans vous cacher, je suis trop attiré de m’immigrer au Canada pour des nouvelles expériences professionnelles ou de vie.
    Je suis pluridiplome :en droit privé et en anglais. Dans mon pays les Comores, j’ai été successivement SG et conseiller juridique de la présidence de union des Comores. Et actuellement, je suis avocat au barreau de Moroni.
    Je vous remercie.

  65. Hello, am pleased by your advertisement, am a south Sudanese national currently living in Jonglei State- SS.
    I have a bachelor for biblical studies and community development from Nation2 Nation Christian University, am interested to be part of the UN family.

  66. I am Manuel, 26 years old, single I am looking for an opportunity I am a student.
    I live in Angola and am Angolan!

  67. No comment

  68. Thank for your consideration

  69. Kamurasi danison

    Will be grateful if am considered .#blessings.

  70. I need driving job in Canada, am Entighe Antai from Nigeria.

  71. Okojie Jonah osemudiamen

    Please notify me when position are available

  72. I am graduate of Animal health and production in collage of agricultural and Animal science bakura

  73. Abubakar muftahu

    I am graduate of civil engineering department bayero university kano Nigeria.


    Je suis intéressé
    Je infirmier j’habite RDC

  75. انا انس ادم سوري الجنسية اريد انا اقابل مسؤول بالامم المتحدة لاني مهدد بالطرد من الجزائر  الى سوريا انا وعائلتي لاأننا لا نملك اي اوراق تعريفية والوضع في سوريا خطر جدا علي انا وعائلتي  واذا ذهبت الى سوريا سوف اعتقل من قبل الأمن  من اجل الاحتياط هل يمكن اي دولة تقبل طلب لجوئي انا وزوجتي وطفلي عمره 5سنوات وانا حاليا موجود عند عائلة اقطن عندها لأنني لا استطيع ان اسكن في بيت لي لأنني لا املك اي اوراق تخولني انا استأجر منزل او اعمل اتمنى ان تنظرو لطلبي بشكل انساني لأني اذا طردت الى سوريا سوف اقع في كارثة حقيقية   مع العلم اني اعمل مندوب مبيعات واعمال عامة لمدة اكثر من 15 عام عمري 34عام
    هاتف 0021342803140
    علما اني مسجل بمفوضية الامم المتحدة من عام 2014

  76. Je suis algerienne titulaire d’une licence en langues etrangeres et d’un diplome d’etudes superieurs en marketing et managment.

  77. My name is Dieudonne Ndanezerewe I am gratuated in Licence of communication and I have an inscription ln master2 and i think to found a post for your Institution

  78. I am a graduate of sociology am a Nigeria.

  79. Delali Ahenguah

    I require a job in ;
    Project Management
    Sales & Marketing etc

  80. Bonjour, je suis très intéressée si vous avez certainement des opportunités touchant le domaine de l’éducation – enseignement. Absorbée par ce dernier secteur, j’étais enseignante de Français cycle primaire et je suis très fière de l’être, très fière de l’exercer maintenant sur YouTube en créant un channel : Des cours de langues Mathématiques /Fatna Ennajih.
    Enseigner c’est. …..!!!!!!
    Enseigner au monde virtuel !
    C’est embrasser le petit mondial !
    Enseigner à distance un travail !
    Un travail exigé pas cruel !
    Spposant une communication de miel !
    Un travail essentiel!
    Un travail sans précédent !
    Supposant un effort indifférent !
    Décoré de sagesse individuel !
    Adorant l’échange de partage visuel !
    Partage à ne pas manquer !
    Partage vraiment à déguster !
    Ce sont de simples expressions très douces et vous embrassent tous.🐤

  81. Mohamed Gamal Salem Seleem

    Peace be upon you. My name is Mohamed Gamal. I live in Egypt and request a job as a legal researcher and a lawyer

  82. Abizi Morkeh C.

    From Ghana
    Holds Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Education and would like to work with UN on humanitarian and or volunteerism and any other available opportunities available the merits my background.

  83. I’ve interest in workings with UN,a graduate of Bayero University, Kano studied Master’s Degree in Public Policy And Administration.

  84. Iam interested

  85. Koalaga Antoine

    Titulaire duBEPC et D,un permis de conduire C

  86. Je sius intesser mon job est Metreur go/ces (Estimateur de construction).

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